Overview of Features

MaxSearch has amazing features to put you in control of your data. We captured the incredible success stories of how organizations used our application to ensure success in government, non-profit, and in the marketplace. Feel free to download the PDF to understand the best practices and applicable uses of MaxSearch.

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Instant Searches

The search function is simple and accurate. We save busy professionals time by providing an easy way to find information in large amounts of data. There are many uses for MaxSearch in government, education, and the private sector.

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Integration and Compatibility

MaxSearch can index and interpret various types of metadata. Many people use MaxSearch in different ways. To be effective, we ensure that MaxSearch can integrate with various CRM, ERM, SQL and No SQL databases, Tableau, R, Spark, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence APIs.


We understand the importance of cyber security. To give you peace of mind, we ensured MaxSearch was equipped with military-grade cyber security by meeting DOD standards.

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MaxSearch has a user interface that is easy to learn and use. Unlike other platforms that take certificates and extensive training, MaxSearch can be implemented within a large organization with minimal training.